Wednesday, 19. June
Wed, 19
min.: 14°
max.: 29°
Sunny conditions in the afternoon with some cumuliform clouds. Some thunderstorms have to be expected.
Highs from 25° to 31°.
High air pressure, but unstable air masses.
Thursday, 20. June
Thu, 20
min.: 10°
max.: 32°
In the morning the sunshine prevails, residual clouds soon break up. In the unstable air, cumuliform clouds form with a few thunderstorms.
Highest values between 25° and 31°.
Mountainweather tomorrow
With southwesterly currents humid and unstable air masses are led to the Alps.
Forecast for the next days
  • Friday, 21.06
    Fri, 21
    min.: 10°
    max.: 31°
  • Saturday, 22.06
    Sat, 22
    min.: 12°
    max.: 28°