Saturday, 04. February
Sat, 04
Sunny weather in most of the region in the afternoon, some clouds in the very north. Strong, partly stormy winds from the north.
Maximum temperatures from 7° to 17°.
Weather in the mountains
A stormy northerly current will determine the weather in South Tyrol.
Stormy conditions, the wind will be very strong. In the afternoon some clouds and residual snow showers on the mountains in the very north, elsewhere mostly sunny.
Sunday, 05. February
Sun, 05
min.: -5°
max.: 12°
Mostly sunny with some clouds moving through in the afternoon. Still windy.
Maximum temperatures from 3° in Sterzing to 13° in Bolzano.
Mountain weather tomorrow
The strong northerly current weakens somewhat, but remains dominant.
In the morning sunny weather, in the second half of the day a some clouds will pass through from the north and towards evening it will become very cloudy. Subsequently possibility of light snowfall on the main alpine crest.
Forecast for the next days
Monday sunny weather with some clouds moving in from the east during the day. Föhn winds still in the north. Tuesday mostly clear sky with weakening winds and decreasing temperatures. Also on Wednesday very sunny weather. On Thursday the sunny weather continues.
  • Monday, 06.02
    Mon, 06
    min.: -9°
    max.: 10°
  • Tuesday, 07.02
    Tue, 07
    min.: -14°