Panoramic Round Path
Ausgangspunkt: car park in the village center

Hike in a westerly direction to Pino (turnoff at Hotel Tirolerhof). From Pino you get to Marga (St. Margareth Church can be visited daily at 12 p.m.), then to Talson and on the panoramic path to the mills and to the pyramids. Continue on the panoramic path in an easterly direction. At the turnoff on marking 2 you leave the panoramic path. You will reach the Alpeggerhof Guesthouse. Via Walderlander Road (marking 5 and marking 1) you will get back to Terento.

No. 1
Tip for a break: Alpeggerhof guesthouse / Hohenbichl guesthouse / Hauerhof guesthouse
Hauerhof guesthouse open all the year (wednesday day of rest)